Comité Ciudadano Anti-sida de la Comunidad Valenciana

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About Us

The CCASCV was the first association of persons affected by HIV/AIDS in the Community of Valencia. Since then our mission is focused in improving the quality of life of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS and their families through an educational and bio-psycho-social approach.

We develop a complex group of projects and activities, based on continued attention and the integral support to people with HIV/AIDS, with moderate physical disabilities and in situations of social exclusion and vulnerability.

These actions complement each other forming a circuit of intervention and support addressed to the health and social wellbeing of the users, taking into account each situation, needs and interests.

Also, it should be noted that these programs and activities are carried out in different areas such as prevention, assistance, training and employment of people with HIV, as well as raising awareness at the social and business level.

- Day care center for people
- Hospital and home interventions;
- Support-groups;
- Housing;
- Protected employment services and job training and counselling;
- Day care center for Injectable Drug Users;
- Coordination with national federations and networks.

We are entering a new phase in which we seek to akcnowledge and understand the challenges that people with HIV/AIDS encounter in different countries, to expand our networks and find new opportunities to delevop relevant and effective projects.