Opera on Tap Chicago

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2100 W Cullerton St 2R
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About Us

Opera on Tap-Chicago Chapter began in 2009 as an opera company devoted to making opera more accessible to people everywhere by taking it out of the concert halls and putting it into venues where people least expect to hear it.
We're passionate about breaking down misconceptions, bringing new people to the art form, and giving power to the performers. Our roster consist of over 80 professional opera singers who perform in operas and concerts around the Chicago area, the United States and worldwide! The singers are supported musically by degreed pianists. Each performance lasts about two hours including a break in the middle. The performance consists of arias, duets, and ensemble pieces all centered around a theme. Before each performer sings, she/he will give a short background on her piece including what is happening in the opera when the piece is sung, who her/his character is, and a brief translation if it isn’t in English. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and choose not to charge a cover for our performance, but we do pass a hat during the break in the middle of our show should the audience wish to make a donation that funds scholarships, head shots, further studies and demos for young artists, festivals, galas, merchandising and marketing, outreach programs, paying singers and pianists, bigger and better venues, full-scale operatic productions, and more. Our Board continues to expand beyond the current 8 in the fields of arts administration, law, music professionals, publicity, finance, educators and more. We have a lot of fun singing opera in a casual environment, and sharing opera with everyone!