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About Us

The Transboundary Watershed Alliance (TWA) has changed its name to Rivers Without Borders (RWB). Please see our alternate group listing on this site. Our organizational mission remains the same; formed to assist its 22 member organizations to maintain and replenish the diversity and abundance of fish and wildlife species and their habitat in the transboundary watersheds of Canada and Southeast Alaska, from the Unuk watershed in the South to the Alsek watershed in the north, and to encourage the adoption of long-term conservation based planning to ensure the survival of these magnificent river systems.

We believe healthy communities and healthy ecosystems can co-exist within the transboundary watersheds. We recognize and respect the central role of First Nation communities who have lived in the watersheds for many years.

We believe that the transboundary watersheds, in their entirety, are ecological systems, irrespective of international borders. The watersheds should be respected and that community-based development should be promoted within a structure that respects the key environmental values of the region.