South Florida Chapter of the Belarusan-American Association (BAZA)

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1471 Lincoln Terrace
Miami Beach
United States

About Us

South Florida Chapter of the Belarusan-American Association, Inc. (BAZA) aims at consolidating the Belarusian community in the U.S. and supporting democracy and human rights in Belarus. The Chapter promotes awareness of human rights issues and exposes violations of human rights in Belarus.

South Florida Chapter is associated with the Belarusan-American Association, Inc (BAZA) and respects its Constitution, by-laws, mission and objectives.

In order to archive our aim, the Chapter holds numerous Belarusan gatherings, political and cultural events.

Our activities include:

- Street rallies (e.g. a street rally across from the building of the U.S. Department of State Office of Foreign Missions in Coral Gables, Florida. The participants were distributing leaflets about dictatorship in Belarus and missing political opponents of the current regime).

- Participation in discussions on human right violation in Belarus (e.g. discussion "US-Belarus Relations: Human Rights and Diplomacy" held in Georgetown University. Participants included representatives from the following government bodies and organizations: Office of European Affairs in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor in the U.S. State Department, Freedom House, the U.S. Helsinki Commission, the Belarusan Institute of Arts and Sciences.

- Art exhibitions and performance (e.g. the art exhibition in Sunny Isles Government Center, where many political caricatures on the President of Belarus were present).