ODRF - Omni Development Relief Fund

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About Us

Vision ODRF is Omni Development Relief Fund. It envisions a better channel to engage in changing lives of those who are trapped at the bottom of pyramid.

Mission The skewed economic development and unhealthy social practices act as barriers in the overall development of communities. More the world integrates; more is the need for breaking barriers. Thus paving ways for sustainable development in the periods of globalisation is warranted if liberation of bottom quartile of poor to happen in true sense.

Philosophy ODRF believes in creative human developmental processes that create more favourable conditions for entire reclamation of human personality and escapes different barriers. ODRF seeks support from civil society to execute the developmental and relief projects that qualified community NGOS carry out in different parts of the world.

Values To aid to the project of world happiness, ODRF finds democratic values most suitable in translating donor’s wish into compassionate action.

Started in 2007, ODRF Board includes enthusiast social entrepreneurs who share ideas from different educational, cultural, economic and regional backgrounds. Basis for ODRF is the strong ongoing interaction of ODRF team members with numerous social activists working in field areas of health and education from last 20 years. Therefore, the projects identified for funding through ODRF has to qualify hard test of time and efforts. At present ODRF is restrained to community developmental projects and relief and rehabilitations projects. ODRF is attached with more than 150 NGOs in all, majority are from India and few from United States.