Sheenway School and Culture Center

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10101-25 So. Broadway
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

Sheenway School and Culture Center is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation that has served the families of Watts and South Los Angeles since 1971. In its 38 years, Sheenway has never accepted government funds while providing education to preschool through high school students. Sheenway also provides after school community programs as well as school on Saturdays. Since its inception, Sheenway has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to provide children with unparalleled opportunities, highly individualized attention, and a well-rounded curriculum enriched with performing arts, martial arts, practical arts, gymnastics, archery, music, travel and athletics. Herbert A. Sheen, M. D. , a practicing physician and surgeon in Watts since 1945, offered no-inerest loans to motivate business development within the community after the Watts Uprisings, attempting to address the level of frustration in South Central Los Angeles. After three years, it was evident that the underlying symptoms of despair were due to undeveloped potentials and lackluster erudition. Realizing that education had to be the vehicle for success, and feeling that a sound and productive learning experience must begin as early as possible, he co-founded Sheenway School and Culture Center with his daughter, Dolores Sheen.