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About Us

The Crime Stoppers mission is to empower people to make their neighborhoods, schools and businesses safer through anonymous reporting of crime.

Crime Stoppers of Michigan, a 50lC3 nonprofit organization, is an affiliate of Crime Stoppers International, the largest crime fighting organization in the world.

Why call Crime Stoppers?

Are you worried about what might happen to you if you talk to the police? Maybe you've seen or heard something about a crime but don't know what to do. Are you scared to come forward and be a witness? If you feel like this, it's easy to think there is nothing you can do. Would you say something if no-one knew it was you?

We record no personal details about you. We simply pass on the information you have about crime while protecting your identity.

Your information makes a difference. It can help solve existing investigations or bring light to unknown criminal activity.

REMEMBER: Crimestoppers is NOT an emergency service and if you see a crime taking place you should call 911 to report it immediately!

What we mean by Anonymous

Anonymous means that your name is not known or made public.

  • You will never be asked for your name.
  • Your call will not be recorded.
  • Your call or online form will not be traced.
  • You will not have to make a statement to the police.
  • You will not appear in court.

A report will be created from the information you give to us. Our call center will check that this report contains no information that might identify you, e.g. if the call is about your neighbor we will not mention this. We don't even make a note of your gender.

If the identity of one of our callers was made known it would destroy the trust in Crimestoppers and no one would contact us. This is another reason why it is so important to us that we can guarantee your anonymity.