C.H.I.L.D Foundation

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About Us

Our Mission: Cherishing Each Child with Commitment Toward Brain Development and Learning

We are committed to children, their development and learning and the understanding of learning as a major health issue. We provide public awareness programs about child brain development and learning, and offer resources to parents, educators and health professionals to promote child development, health and the pleasure of learning

Our Vision: We will continue to grow as a leading non-profit health organization, advancing reasoned and compassionate knowledge about child development and learning. We will continue to touch the lives of children in multiple and diverse communities, enhancing their quality of life.

Our Values:

Respect: We value repect of children and respecting them equally. We respect the quality of life of all children and their right to learn and develop to their fullest potential.

Child Development: We value a child's growth of mind, heart, and spirit. As a child learns and loves, a child's spirit grows.

Potential: We value the potential of each child, recognizing all kinds of minds.

Integrity: We value integrity - children learning empathy, caring, honesty, trust, and respect of self and others as they journey through their studies and life excellence.

Social Concern: We value all children with social concern for those children having minimal opportunities for learning, health and development.

Excellence: We value reasoned and compassionate knowledge and excellence in performing our service. We value our responsibility to use resources entrusted to us to promote learning, enhancing health and improving quality of life.