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About Us

Who we are

Tourism Transparency is a small independent non-government organization campaigning for an open and accountable tourism industry in Myanmar/Burma. Our aim is to contribute to the development of responsible tourism in Myanmar by raising awareness and facilitating informed choices of tourists, government, industry and civil society. We focus on strengthening Myanmar tourism stakeholders, including civil society, in tourist areas of Myanmar, with the aim of enabling them to take a leading role in shaping the future of responsible tourism in Myanmar.

Our core aim, to facilitate informed decision-making of Myanmar tourism stakeholders, shows what role we wish to assume. We believe in a bottom-up approach and therefore see ourselves firstly as facilitators, mediators, and information-providers. We believe that ultimately all decisions relating to tourism development, particularly in remote poor communities, need to be made by the people themselves. We aim to raise awareness and knowledge among a wide variety of Myanmar tourism stakeholders about a responsible and more equitable benefit sharing through tourism development.