Youth Engagement Services Network Pakistan

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About Us

Youth Engagement Services (YES) Network Pakistan is a legally registered non-profit organization. YES Network Pakistan has pioneered the concept of treating disadvantaged youth living in low-income communities “as a solution, not as a problem” in the country. We identify, invest and engage disadvantaged youth with innovative ideas for bringing change in their communities systematically. Our youth engagement programs have assisted many disadvantaged and socially-excluded young people immensely in transforming themselves from victims to leaders and from valueless to valuable. Our Youth Service program is recognized as a profound idea with society-changing potential by Ashoka, Innovators for the Public, a global organization that pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship. Mr. Ali Raza Khan, Founder and Country Director of YES program was elected as an Ashoka Fellow in 2006 for life time. We are highly indebted to Ashoka for its growing support to us in the expansion and strengthening of our program.

We are affiliated with International Association for National Youth Service. We have strong ties with Innovations in Civic Participation, an organization based in Washington, DC and leading service campaign globally. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of both these organizations for supporting and advocating our service program among young people, the general public, policymakers and funders. We are a leading member of International Youth Employment Summit Campaign (YES) launched by the Education Development Center, Boston USA.