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About Us

Immigration issues have roiled U.S. politics and upended the European Union. In these hot spots and beyond, policymakers have little trustworthy research to guide them, and public opinion is easily clouded by misinformation and partisanship. These challenges can seem insurmountable. But there’s no reason why immigration policy can’t benefit from the same kind of ingenuity that has brought us dramatic medical advances and game-changing technology—it’s long overdue.

That’s where the Immigration Policy Lab comes in. Using large datasets, creative research designs, and cutting-edge analytical tools, we bring new evidence to bear on the urgent problems practitioners face. By guiding the people who set public policy, as well as those who directly serve immigrant communities, our research can inspire solutions and ultimately improve countless lives.

Our work combines the rigor of data science with the problem-focused drive of a biomedical lab and the entrepreneurial culture of a start-up. It’s an unconventional way of conducting social science research, and it calls for scholars to reach across traditional academic boundaries and pool their talents. Professors tackle projects shoulder-to-shoulder with program managers, post-docs, and grad students. This collaborative environment allows us to propel ideas and deliver findings swiftly, so that we keep pace with the fast-moving challenges policymakers are facing.