The Future Leaders Institute (FLI)

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About Us

The mission of The Future Leaders Institute is to engage high school youth in generating and implementing visionary solutions for society. The Future Leaders Institute (FLI) guides and mentors youth across the San Francisco Bay area, supporting them as they develop individual initiatives and employ social entrepreneurship in the face of the world’s most pressing needs.

The Future Leaders Institute is guided by three key objectives: First, FLI seeks to provide the structure and guidance for high school students to realize their ambitions through innovative self-initiated projects that generate concrete actions in response to real-world needs. Second, FLI seeks to offer high school teachers the tools and methods to empower their students to recognize and address the growing needs of the modern world. Finally, FLI seeks to train and inspire educational leaders to effectively integrate social responsibility, civic engagement and collaborative leadership into classrooms, high schools and school districts.

Since its founding in 2004, FLI has grown rapidly in response to demand from students, schools and teachers, and is currently seeking a FLI Program Coordinator for 2011-2012.