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About Us

As the largest grassroots organization working to reduce gun violence in Pennsylvania, CeaseFire PA is devoted to protecting all communities from gun injury and violence.

CeaseFire PA works toward the passage of sensible gun laws, regulations and public policies through grassroots activism, to elect public officials who favor the prevention of gun violence and to increase public awareness of the gun violence crisis.

CeaseFire PA seeks:

• Reduction of illegal gun trafficking, by permitting private buyers only one handgun purchase in any thirty day period. • Passage of an improved assault weapons ban, and closure of the gun show loophole on the Federal level. • Effective product safety standards for handguns and other firearms. • The eradication of preventable gun violence and trauma.

CeaseFire PA works closely with law enforcement, the medical and public health professions and community and faith-based groups in broad coalitions to lower the epidemic of gun violence facing all Pennsylvanians.