Laboratory for Visual Learning

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About Us

The Laboratory for Visual Learning is a research collaborative of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and UMass Boston, dedicated to scientific research that advances understanding of dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences, focusing on how these interact with technology.

MISSION: Our mission is to improve the lives of people who think differently by building on the cognitive strengths these individuals bring to endeavors they pursue.

PROGRAMS: Among the areas of active research are how to use technology to improve reading among people with dyslexia.

New Research has shown that it is possible to augment traditional methods for supporting people with dyslexia through techniques that are well matched to the capabilities of e-readers. We are currently creating teacher education programs to help students and reading specialists learn how to take advantage of these new methodologies.

NEEDS: Our organization is simultaneously supporting complex interacting needs that straddle the boundaries of education and public outreach, neuroscience and cognitive psychology research, and disabilities education. We therefore need help setting priorities, maintaining schedules, writing grants, conducting literature reviews, maintaining web sites, legal advice, marketing, public relations, conducting experiments with children, computer programming, data analysis, and so forth. Given that many of us who are involved in these efforts are people with learning differences, organizational challenges that impede progress in many organizations are multiplied many fold by our own challenges and volunteers can therefore serve an important role in advancing our mission.