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About Us

The New York City Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW-NYC), with 8,200 members, is one of the largest chapters of NASW in the country. Founded in 1955, NASW-NYC represents professional social workers who are working throughout the five boroughs, primarily in public and non-profit organizations. Social workers are also in private practice and in other for-profit service related settings.

Nationally, NASW represents over 140,000 social workers, and is the largest organization representing social workers in the world. The national organization, including NASW-NYC, seeks to develop and promote professional standards for social work practice along with NASW's widely recognized Code of Ethics. NASW also advocates for strengthening programs on behalf of social work clients and for policies that support social workers in their professional work.

Our members specialize in work with families and children, older adults, people with alcohol and other substance abuse issues, the homeless, as well as people who are receiving services in behavioral health, health care, and schools. Social workers also serve people in the world of work.

While the majority of our members are in direct and clinical practice, many are in supervisory and management positions, including serving as executive directors and CEOs of human service organizations of all sizes. Many of our members also practice social work as community organizers, planners, researchers and academicians.

NASW-NYC exists to serve its members and to address their concerns. Social workers participate in NASW through its Board of Directors, committees and task forces, as well as through numerous educational, networking and recognition activities and events. NASW-NYC also has an on-going, highly rated continuing education program. Supporting professional development is core to NASW-NYC.

NASW-NYC's priorities include addressing issues related to social work licensing in New York State, advocating for funding for student loan forgiveness, as well as assuring that the public, including government, human service programs, and the media understand the value and contribution of professional social workers.

Over 1,000 of NASW-NYC's members are social work students in graduate degree programs, and the Chapter has made it a priority to support graduates as they move into their careers as new professionals.

Other priorities include assuring that the profession is diverse and culturally competent, reflecting the changing demographics of New York City, and that professional social workers are available in communities of greatest need.