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About Us

Hope to Action is the nationwide movement of women for climate protection. Together, we are taking action to solve global warming, one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Hope to Action is a community of women from all walks of life who have begun to take simple steps at home, at work, at their children’s schools, at the store, on the go, and in their community that can have a meaningful impact on climate protection. Not only are we making changes in our daily personal lives, we are influencing our friends and family to make different choices, and together our collective actions across the country are creating real solutions to global warming.

Women are the Solution

Women are the key decision-makers on household and personal lifestyle choices. We wield tremendous consumer power and can demand environmentally friendly products for ourselves, our families and the planet. Our choices dictate what products get produced, new trends, and what we might expect in the future.

Women are a sizable and powerful constituency. Our political voice is critical to the support of candidates and legislation for climate protection.

We are our children's advocates and want the best for their future. Children look to us to insure that the world they inherit is a safe and healthy place.

Our Initiatives

EcoSalon encourages and engages women to take collective action for climate protection. EcoSalon house parties offer women a fun and easy way to learn about this concern and how we can be part of the solution. Practical resources and incentives are offered to encourage the spread of the program.

EcoAction Schools, in partnership with educators nationwide, showcases model environmental education programs and sustainability practices for K-8 schools. Our integrative curriculum and institutional best practices are designed for adoption by educators, school administrators, students and parents.

Influence America represents the unified voice of women for climate protection, providing thoughtful climate policy recommendations and an effective vehicle for women to weigh in on relevant state and federal legislation. Resources for taking community civic action are also provided.