Tobar Mhuire Retreat and Conference Centre

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Downpatrick St.
United Kingdom

About Us

<code>Tobar Mhuire is a Passinist Retreat Centre located in the heart of County Down. In a community coming out of a time of conflict and division, the need for healing and reconciliation calls for nothing less than our best efforts and our total commitment.</code>

<code>With this in mind, Retreat Team of Tobar Mhuire are committed to building a place of:</code>

<code>Renewal where the the purpose of the Passion is revealed, and where people will come to understand, reflect upon, and transcend the burdens of pain which are at the heart of the human condition</code>

<code>Hope where the message of the Passion brings hope, both to a Church humiliated by scandals and the abuse of authority, and to a society where the rich and powerful seem to progress at the expense of those without power and influence</code>

<code>Learning where the message of the Cross responds to the disillusionment of so many congregations and clergy, and calls us to seek together a renewed meaning and understanding of ministry in the church today - a place where we prepare together for the future, and not for the past</code>

<code>Healing where the story of Christ Crucified proclaims a message of healing to both a broken society and a wounded and wounding Church.</code>