Comfort the Children International

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About Us

Comfort the Children International is a non profit organization that helps Kenyans build and manage the sustainable infrastructure necessary to meet the challenges of everyday life. CTC’s programs are delivered through local relationships, providing the empowerment necessary to make those changes lasting while ensuring that your donations of time and money have a maximum positive effect.

CTC's logo is the handprint. The hand serves as a reminder that we are all human, all connected and all interdependent on one another. The hand also serves as the template for our 5 initiatives: education, environment, economy, health and community. Like the fingers on a hand, all 5 initiatives are interrelated, reminding us that what we do through one initiative directly impacts all other areas of the community. This is why CTC's approach to community development is holistic, recognizing that we cannot adequately address one area without addressing all areas equally.

In congruence with the hand and our holistic approach, CTC is implementing a new methodology to combat the cycle of poverty. The entry point of this new cycle begins with the fundamental element of hope. Restoration of hope in individual lives provides people with a sense of identity. This restores identity when channeled through communal efforts such as our economic, education, community, environment and health initiatives which bring empowerment and therefore transformation.

Providing hope through relationships and using a holistic approach to community development, CTC is empowering our world.