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About Us

OneWebDay,, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support a global day to celebrate and protect the internet: Sept. 22.

Description: Here's a short video about OneWebDay:

The idea behind OneWebDay is to encourage people to think of themselves as responsible for the internet, and to take good and visible actions on Sept. 22 that celebrate the positive impact of the internet on the world.

OneWebDay is an Earth Day for the internet.

Social entrepreneurs all over the world have discovered how empowering the internet is. Online access is becoming an important utility, like access to clean water and electricity. OneWebDay participants around the globe will be making their own short videos and posting them on or youtube tagged "onewebday2007". Making these videos available via, a free platform for creating subtitles, will mean that people using all languages will be able to understand everyone else. Suggested topics:

+ how the web has changed your life

+ how you'd like the web to change the world in the future

+ highlights of what you've seen online the day you make the video

+ your favorite online event ever

+ something you've done online to help people in other countries.

Offline: last year, there were offline events of various kinds in about twenty places around the world. This year, 2007, we're aiming for at least fifty. These offline events can range from sponsoring a teaching event (how to edit a wiki, how to post a photo online etc) to helping a school or town set up a hotspot, to having a panel of speakers talk about the ways the world has been/will be changed by the internet. We're working with the Internet Society and the Internet Archive to encourage these offline events. OWD is a global event.

OneWebDay is Sept. 22, every year.