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About Us

Empower and Advance is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering members of vulnerable communities in a a way that will benefit both themselves and advance the circumstances of their community. Our current project consists of an innovative curriculum to train secondary school graduates in Haiti to become Emergency Community Healthcare Workers (CHW).

In countries like Haiti, there are very few healthcare providers and no basic emergency services. Accidents and emergencies cause a significant amount of needless death and permanent disability. Emergencies are particularly important to addrress on the global agenda because relatively simple, inexpensive interventions, like splinting or wound care, can make a life altering difference in a person's life. Most of these interventions do not require doctors to complete, well trained healthcare workers can implement them. This program will help to meet this gap, provide jobs through a program that is sustainable without external support, and will improve the health of the community.

While many people are working in Haiti through various non-profit groups, few programs address emergency services or can stand alone once the initial investment is made. Once the CHW are trained, only 70 cents a year from each community member will sustain the salaries of five CHW, pay for medical supplies and a mobile clinic. The benefits of this program are not limited to emergency care. We envision that Empower and Advance will not only help alleviate the burden of emergency conditions, but also positively impact the economic development of impoverished communities, thus creating a sustainable and applicable model of medical and social change which has relevance to all developing countries.