The KindnessEvolution

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About Us

The KindnessEvolution Vision:  To provide our youth the opportunity to live in a nation where the practices of intentional kindness, compassion and care are integrated more fully into every aspect of our culture. 

The KindnessEvolution Mission:  To unite and connect the kindness community for greater impact through collaboration and provide our youth with the tools they need to be the bold and kind leaders of tomorrow.

Convening at the Inaugural KindnessCollective:

After 4 years of research on the Kindness in our Nation, we are gathering our foremost Kindness leaders and youth ambassadors with a new bold model of collaboration to create a positive shift in our nation and launch our Nation’s KindnessEvolution, San Francisco, April 20-22, 2018. The combined social media reach of the participants is over 24 Million. 


We will collaboratively foster the core Social Emotional Learning values by providing easily deliverable and replicable “Kindness in a Box” programs, projects and curriculums.  Through collaboration and reach, we will exponentially assist and support parents, teachers and program leaders from schools, camps, youth groups, after school programs, places of worship and college campuses. Providing these 21st century learning tools, we will educate, inspire and support this new generation of socially-responsible, community-oriented citizens. Our leaders of tomorrow.

KindnessEvolution Unified Initiatives to launch to 24 Million

*Pilot CampKindness Day, in collaboration with American Camp Association and ACA NY/NJ.  Launching July, 2018

*Camp2Campus Kindness Day, in collaboration with Marin Teen/Girls, and youth ambassadors. Launching Nationwide, Nov. 13th, World Kindness Day.