SCAN New York (Supportive Children's Advocacy Network)

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345 East 102nd St.
Suite 301
New York
United States

About Us

Founded in 1977, SCAN New York is a non-profit youth and family service organization that provides a variety of integrated supports to the highest risk children and families of East Harlem and the South Bronx.

Serving over 7,000 children and teens and 1,000 adults and families each year at 23 program sites, SCAN is the largest youth service provider in East Harlem and the South Bronx.

Traditional youth and family service providers typically target their client's problems and then terminate program delivery at the resolution of the presenting problem. 

SCAN considers the traditional "service termination" as a beginning.  We employ a strength-based, empowerment-focused service approach, building upon individual and family strengths, inspiring our children and their families toward positive goals.

With programs as diverse as substance abuse treatment, violence prevention, literacy programs, afterschool activities and events, employment skills training, and LGBTQ support, SCAN’s family-focused approach builds on individual and group strengths. SCAN programs empower individuals and families, thereby fostering responsibility and initiative and enabling our community members to identify and achieve new goals.

The agency currently has 80 full-time and 315 part-time employees with an annual budget of $13,575,222.  SCAN has been led by its Executive Director, Lewis Zuchman, an original 1961 Freedom Rider, since 1987.