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About Us

Berkshire Meadows is a year-round, fully-licensed and accredited special education residential school that assists children and young adults with severe developmental disabilities in order to increase their independence and enhance the quality of their lives. With a reputation for excellence for over 30 years, Berkshire Meadows offers comprehensive and individualized medical, educational, therapeutic, and residential programs in a nurturing environment. Berkshire Meadows provides a specialized residential school and treatment center for children with multiple disabilities including those with severe learning impairments, including sensory deficits; autism; and challenging behaviors and a variety of medical conditions including, neurological conditions; orthopedic and mobility challenges; respiratory conditions and gastrointestinal disorders. EXCEPTIONAL HEALTH CARE Berkshire Meadows offers high-quality and comprehensive health care designed to improve each individual’s health and well-being. Twenty four hour nursing care and an on-site medical clinic staffed by a Nurse Practitioner provide care and monitoring on a daily basis. Experienced nursing staff administer medications, provide daily treatments, and keep abreast of any emerging health care needs. Nationally-known specialists provide ongoing consultations and on-site medical clinics for students and their families. Some of the specialties these physicians represent include: Developmental Disabilities Assessment and Diagnosis; Orthopedics, Neurology, Gastroenterology, and Psychiatry. INNOVATIVE EDUCATION A fully-accessible and state-of-the-art school provides a wide-range of interactive and multi-sensory activities to enhance learning and skills development. Staffed by a highly qualified and experienced education staff, the Berkshire Meadows Learning Center provides intensive individual attention and teaching strategies. Extensive assistive technology, adaptive equipment, and behavioral supports provide continuous opportunities for students to increase their self-awareness, improve social and communication skills, and develop functional skills.


Using a highly integrated approach to therapeutic services, Physical, Occupational, and Speech and Language Therapists treatment plans are incorporated into all daily activities and designed to increase each individual’s strength, flexibility, and mobility. A fully accessible indoor pool provides opportunities for aquatic therapy that is effective in increasing range of motions and strengthening muscles. A Specialized Feeding and Nutritional Team that includes a Dietician and Speech Pathologist, develops innovative techniques to address individuals with swallowing disorders or delayed motor skills development.

At Berkshire Meadows, we believe that all children, no matter how severe their disabilities, can make enormous progress in the right environment and with the right help and supports that are individualized for each child’s growth, health and well-being.