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About Us

HERO is a national non-profit dedicated to identifying and sharing best practices in the field of workplace health and well-being (HWB) to improve the health and well-being of workers, their spouses, dependents and retirees.  When a HERO member moved to a new job, her first pitch to her new organization was about why they should join HERO. “HERO has a very different feel than any of the other industry groups,” she wrote. HERO was established over twenty years ago to create and disseminate research, policy, leadership and strategy to advance workplace health and well-being (HWB). Still, “HERO is not interested in being the biggest. Rather, having been employer driven since inception, they are focused on promoting the industry for employers.” HERO is a member driven organization with an “intellectual co-op feel” where learning opportunities, including conducting research, are led by our committees. Together we share best practices, advocate for improvements in the field and provide practical solutions for employers who share our commitment to supporting health and well-being for employees, families and communities.