Teaching Tree Early Childhood Learning Center

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424 Pine St.
Fort Collins
United States

About Us

Teaching Tree Early Childhood Learning Center program is committed to providing quality and affordable early childhood care and educational opportunities in a culturally and economically diverse environment ensuring a climate for individual growth, comfort, and security.

The philosophy of Teaching Tree is to provide a stimulating environment for children and to help each child develop his or her own skills according to their individual capabilities. We believe that children learn and grow best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust and when they are actively engaged in their environment. Therefore, we strive to provide a wide range of hands on activities throughout the day that will contribute to all areas of their growth and development.

Physical Development: will be guided through the use of movement and music activities, finger plays, toys designed to increase small motor skills, art media, outdoor activities and large motor skills.

Emotional Development: will be guided through experiences in group activities, opportunities to express ideas creatively through a variety of media, a feeling of security and trust, and a sense of belonging.

Social Development: will be provided through experiences in sharing, playing, singing, conversing, and working happily with others. The teachers will set an example of impartial fairness.

Cognitive Development: will be guided through the use of challenging problem solving situations and activities, language and literature activities, pre-math, and pre-reading games, and science activities.