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About Us

Our mission is to provide access to free or low-cost quality English Language instruction online. We were founded because there are so many people globally who lack access to quality English language instruction. In order to have a good quality of life, fluency in English is needed for many.

All our services are available to anyone, anywhere with Internet access.


Small Online English Converstation Classes: Most people in the world need to be able to speak English for work or school. Our online classes are limited to 5 students so that each gets substantial talk time. Classes are led by credentialed teachers (more than simply a TESOL certificate). Thus, classes are effective and assist people in creating a better future.

English to End Povery Scholarships: Despite our low cost online English classes, there are many disenfranshised people who cannot afford or get money out of their countries to pay for quality English lessons. Thus, we offer a limited number of scholarships which pay for 12 weeks of online English classes with a professional teacher.

Free English Video Lessons: Access to quality English language instruction that is free is a large part of our mission. Our YouTube channel has a large selections of free video lessons. All lessons are taught using proven methods for effective language learning.