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About Us

IERN WILL identifies community supports & resources that provide you & your learning community with engaging activities that inspire passion driven learning.

IERN WILL understands that the lack of engaging activities that inspire passion driven learning can lead to instability and stress in underserved communities.

IERN WILL gets to know our clients and communities well in order to identify learning gaps and ensure that ALL 21st Century learners gain the skills needed to be marketable in a global 21st Century economy.

21st Century Youth Project (21CYP) gives middle and high school students exciting new app development experience within an entrepreneurial context.

IERN WILL Advisers enjoy working with individuals, small learning communities, non-profits, and community stake holders who understand the sustainability and economic vitality of the region is determined by the kinds of opportunities we create together, as a community.

IERN WILL focus on engaging with and empowering organizations across the globe active in Local Development (LD), building links with organisations and enhancing the exchange of information and networking among members. IERN WILL is expected to collaborate and develop and plan activities/projects according to IERN WILL’s strategic objectives, with the overall aim of engaging in information sharing and developing innovative approaches/projects to the local development issues of today and tomorrow.

Mission: Our mission is to inspire life-long learning by providing access to high quality enrichment programs. Our cutting edge curriculums and technologies provide learners in underserved communities with more opportunities for passion-driven and self-directed learning.