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About Us

WHO WE ARE: We are doing work since the year 2001 in the field of disability and neglected section of the society. We are providing education, training and all type of rehabilitation services with Special School for hearing Impaired, Mentally challenged, Cerebral Palsy and vulnerable children age group1-18. We also provided Community Based, Home based rehabilitation  and training centre and workshop for the adult disabled boys, girls and women absolutely free of cost and 99 % of beneficiaries those who having come from the very poorest of poor families in urban and rural areas, at present 300 beneficiaries both girls and boys are constantly benefited from us. As far as the rest of the disabled children are concerned who are not able to attend the regular school for some problems, we take them under our wings. We whole hearted support for educate them, give vocational training in many departments to empower and make them for self-dependent have processing effort to stand their own feet. We also try to motivate them and take confidence building measure. In general we try to make them believe in themselves and be confident enough to face the real world and earn a living with dignity.

MISSION OF THE ORGANISATION: Institute for the Handicapped & Backward People, is to bring about positive changes in the lives of vulnerable people such as disabled, children, women, old aged and backward people through a range of well thought services to enhance their sustainable skills and knowledge and give them opportunities to exercise their constitutional rights and their full participation and contribution to the community of the society. 
VISION OF THE ORGANISATION: Our organization realizes that in all development process, Disabled, children and women’s participation must be ensured and community involvement and active participation is essential for sustainability of the programmes and balanced development. Institute for the Handicapped and Backward People invests in the potentials of these individuals through community development initiatives targeting Food Security, Economic Development, Primary Health and Basic Education, Emergency management initiatives and provide aid to disaster survivors.