First Global Community College of Nong Khai - Udon Thani

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About Us

First Global Community College is a two-year preparatory school, which accepts rural students from Nong Khai and Udorn Thani and introduces them to the humanities, social sciences, and English. We have a limited science program, but it is confined to lectures. Classes are taught at an introductory level, and teachers must prepare to accommodate the limited English of many students The First Global Community College is the first community college of Thailand -- we have three aims.

1) To provide a liberal education to any high school graduate who wants one, regardless of their ability to pass the Entrance Examination. In practice, we teach rural students who have been neglected by the centralized structure of Thai education, and have no other educational opportunities.

2) To provide an educational model for Thailand that is student-centered, non-elitist, and dedicated to finding appropriate opportunities for Thais of all ages and abilities.

3) To be a center for community education.