American Federation of Musicians, Local 99

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325 NE 20th Ave.
United States

About Us

The object of the Union shall be to unite all professional musicians who are eligible for membership without discrimination, regardless of race, creed, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation for the purpose of: 1) Elevating and bettering the economic status, social position, and general welfare of our members; 2) Negotiating collective bargaining agreements with employers on behalf of our members; 3) Providing assistance in contract administration and enforcement for the protection of our members; 4) Promoting good faith and fair dealing between our members; 5) Resolving grievances, disputes and controversies among members and employers; 6) Advocating the interests of our members to local and state governments and to the public; and 7) Encouraging, promoting, supporting, and developing audiences for the preservation, enjoyment and appreciation of performances by professional musicians.