Bialek for Shelton 2015

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About Us

Bialek for Shelton 2015 is the local electoral campaign for Michele Bialek of Shelton, CT. Our mission is to win on Election Day: November 3, 2015!*

Michele is:

A progressive Democrat who is a creative visionary
She has fresh and vital ideas around downtown development, budgeting, local services, public input and more -- in order to build a more vibrant, strong Shelton.

A local business owner and manager

Her husband makes some of the best soup you'll ever eat! But Michele manages the business side of things.

A community leader
She was a leader in the grassroots organizing that resulted in full day kindergarten being passed in Shelton in 2014, she's the founder of a nonprofit organization that builds community through the arts, she's a natural connector and collaborator who brings people together for a common cause.

* Michele has formed an exploratory committee to determine which local seat she will run for. It will either be for the Board of Alderman, which she ran for in 2013 (but did not win) or another seat. That decision will be finalized by April, 2015.