Association Cooperation for Economic Development

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About Us

ACED is an active community based NGO in need of volunteers. We are looking for committed individuals willing to work for ACED for the minimum of three months.

Vision ACED aims to see all Cambodians living in a peaceful and healthy social and natural environment. ACED envisions a society of solidarity, justice and good quality of life for all citizens.


ACED will network and collaborate with other local and international NGOs as well as generous people to share information, advance staff and community proficiency, and implement projects in order to foster economic growth enabling a better livelihood for the citizens.


  1. ACED will act as a facilitator in the organisation and supporting of communities in their attempts to build capacity while strengthening their leadership and management systems. In addition, ACED will facilitate the creation of development project plans at the district level where communities have not created such plans. If community development plans exist, ACED will support and reinforce the implementation of these plans.
  2. ACED will facilitate networking with all relevant institutions, organisations, and associations which share the goals of promoting sustainable change, stability and prosperity in the society.
  3. ACED will provide assistance in implementing the community development plans through delegating the tasks and responsibilities to relevant authorities.


ACED will provide

  1. funding support: credit scheme, emergency relief and education (scholarships, English classes, planned computer classes)
  2. non-funding support: advocacy, training, advising and forums

Target groups

ACED will help the poorest of the poor to help themselves.

ACED’s focus lies on the residents of villages in the western part of Battambang Province, Cambodia.

Helping the poorest of the poor, ACED also addresses other stakeholders such as local authorities.


ACED believes that the poor have the power to create change.

ACED believes in implementing development projects with dignity, respect, and accountability, and expects all participants involved to act accordingly.

ACED believes that all communities have the ability to lead and to be responsible for their own development projects while improving themselves in the process.

ACED believes that individual villagers can help achieve the development plans of their communities.

ACED believes that capacity building and sharing amongst staff and villagers is integral to successful community development.

ACED believes it can change the social environment of the poorest of the poor by building their confidence, gaining and keeping their trust, and motivating them to act for themselves.

ACED believes everyone has the same right to a good education.

ACED believes education is key to improve living conditions of individuals as well as within the communities.

ACED believes in equal rights of men and women.

Working Principles

ACED’s assistance and development projects are focused on the poorest of the poor, especially women and children.

ACED’s development project for one community does not negatively affect the development of a

neighboring community.

ACED’s decision making is done in a group equally represented by men and women.

Before ACED formulates a development project, consideration is given to staff and villager capacity, to ensure the project’s ability to succeed.

ACED cooperates with villagers, supporting NGOs, and local authorities to achieve a development project.

ACED encourages villagers to voice their ideas and concerns, and to participate in development projects, but does not coerce them into doing so.

ACED is not politically, religiously, or gender biased.