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About Us

Mission Year is a year long program where Christian young people live in an urban neighborhood volunteering, worshiping, and loving their neighbors.

It’s an opportunity for anyone 18 and over, both single and married, to spend a year following Jesus' command to “Love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor as yourself.” By partnering with a local church, volunteering at a service site, identifying and combatting local injustices, and spending time with neighbors, Mission Year Team Members effectively impact their communities while catching a deeper vision for what the Kingdom of God is like.

Areas of focus can include but are not limited to: Creative Arts, Youth, Communications, Community and Economic Development, Disability issues, Family Counseling, Environment Care, Homelessness & Poverty, Immigration, Health and Medicine, Legal Assistance, IT, Recreation, Music, Education

From early September until early August, team members live in community with 5-7 other young people, practicing intentional Christian Community and good stewardship of shared resources.

Learn more about working towards a Master's degree in our partnership with Eastern University at http://missionyear.org/academic/