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About Us

The mission of The Volunteer Family is to help nonprofit organizations serve our community by encouraging, facilitating, coordinating, and supporting family volunteering activities.

Our goal is to strengthen the familial bonds of our volunteers, while simultaneously helping local agencies achieve their missions.

In this busy, materialistic world, family volunteering offers a solution for everyone involved, including:

Children – Who are able to feel valued, acquire new skills, develop compassion and understanding for others.

Parents – Who can help others while spending more time with their kids, passing on important values, and sharing meaningful conversations in a positive environment.

Nonprofits – Who are often understaffed and overstressed and need additional help. Family volunteering helps them broaden their outreach to the community while improving community image and relations. Depending on their interests, family volunteers may want to help many types of nonprofits, including the homeless, the sick and disabled, the elderly, children, animals, and the environment. 97% of social service agencies that involved families found it to be very effective.

Society – Who benefits from family volunteering, as it is a natural multiplier of volunteers. It has also been proven that children who volunteer are much more likely to continue as adults, and carry on the tradition with their own children.