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About Us

God In Youth Developmet was founded in May 2003 on the experience and compassion of Pastor Prince Mashaba who participated in the Hospital, prison,street and other Ministries for the past 5 years.

It all started off as a soccer team comprised of street children,in Sunnyside of Pretoria.By God's will it has been extended to Cape Town,operating in places like informal settlements, Rural areas, Streets where the most disadvantaged children and young persons live.

Where majority of families are single headed by young mothers.

Mission: To prepare children and youth including their mothers through spiritual counselling, activities and development in order that they may become responsible future citizens and leaders of the world.

Vision: To help create a Godly society which is caring for one another, and work towards the defeat of children and youth enemies such as malnutrition,poverty,diseases,crime,abuse and illiteracy.


-Offer financial assistance to deserving children to further their education.

-Establish an early childhood development free of charge for poor children.

-Build a multi-purpose training facility that will offer free skills development to deserving teens and other unemployed young people.

-Provide food and shelter to the children who are orphaned by HIV/AIDS disease as well as create an awareness about the dangers associated with the disease.

-Strengthen family relations through family re-unification by offering parenting skills training, counseling, assessment,life skills and other activities.

-To help the needy, afflicted and poor, especially the youth and vulnerable children to get to know God as a source of everything and creator of all things.

-To involve the youth and children in activities such as sport, art and recreation with the main purpose of fostering unity and love, towards building a happy peaceful world.

-Initiate and research developmental projects which will train, equip and empower the youth to become a productive member of the society.

-To research co-operative opportunities which will help create jobs for the youth of the world.

-To help restore children and youth dignity through the realisation of talents and potential and ease their re-entry to society.

-To ultimately bring the light and knowledge of Jesus Christ to the whole world and do away with evil spirits and forces of darkness and help unbound children and youth from bondages of various imprisonments, such as committing crime, poverty,hatred, etc.

NB: Next event-untill further notice Anybody who is willing to support us can get in touch with us.