Equality Louisiana

  • LA


Baton Rouge

United States

About Us

Equality Louisiana is a newly formed coalition of LGBT college, local, regional, statewide, and allied organizations.


Equality Louisiana works to achieve full equality for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in Louisiana by supporting the development and on-going success of strong LGBT college, local, regional, statewide, and allied organizations while also providing a collective voice for the expansion of civil rights through policy and legislative advocacy.

Statement of Shared Principles:

Individual members and coalition partners of Equality Louisiana agree to abide by the following core principles:

• Prioritize Each Coalition Partner Equality Louisiana will prioritize the development and success of each coalition partner through collaborative, rather than competitive, efforts and initiatives.

• Transparent and Democratic Process Equality Louisiana will be transparent and democratic in its routine operations, decision-making processes, fundraising and spending activities, and political efforts.

• Inclusion All activities and efforts, including legislative and policy advocacy, of Equality Louisiana will be fully inclusive of the entire LGBT community, with particular attention to the priorities and needs of transgender people and LGBT people of color.