The Kite Collective

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1710 S Washtenaw #1
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About Us

Mission / Misión

The Kite Collective is a group of friends that uses kites to connect with the environment, each other and the self in a playful & universal way. Our creative practice is grounded in the use of kites as a physical outlet for finding pause & centeredness; the exploration of urban open space; and ancient tactile process. Born in NYC, we're now based in Chicago and wherever the wind blows.

Company Overview / Descripción de la Compañía

We began in September 2011. We offer tools for awareness, entrepreneurship, creative relief, sustainable sourcing, preserving tradition and environmental studies through collaborative, hands-on processes such as kite-making & flying. The project is based on the belief that fostering creative expression and self-awareness are essential to the survival of our urban environment.