Isaiah Sixty1 Project

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About Us

What is Isaiah Sixty1 Project?


Isaiah Sixty1 Project is a grassroots organization that uses creative arts to bring awareness to sexual abuse.  Sexual Abuse is defined as a type of maltreatment that involves a child, or an adult in any form of sexual activity, that provides sexual gratification or financial benefit to the perpetrator, including contacts for sexual purposes, molestation, statutory rape, prostitution, pornography, exposure, incest, or other sexually exploitative activities. We believe that they are many who are suffering in silence so it is our charge to raise our voices to bring about change and prevention.


The mission of Isaiah Sixty1 Project is to liberate women from their past to walk boldly into their future.

What We Do:

A.    Prevention

We work to stop individuals from becoming victims of sexual abuse by providing awareness and education to the next generation.

  • Education: We facilitate various workshops and seminars to educate potential victims of sexual abuse in communities.
  • Awareness: We also raise awareness about sexual abuse within community groups, churches, etc. through the Emancipate Yourself Monologue Production.

B.     Restoration

We come alongside survivors to see them restored physically and emotionally. We provide education and community resources to equip them for a new and independent future.

C.    Connect

We aim to connect with fundraising supporters, agencies, and faith and community leaders to see an end to sexual abuse.

  • Supporters: We connect with change agents who desire to make a difference and provide training, education materials, and programs to be outworked in communities through IS1 Ambassadors. We work together with our financial supporters to plan new initiatives and assist more victims of sexual abuse.
  • Partners: We collaborate with like-minded individuals and agencies to ensure the needs of survivors are met.


Core Values:


● Integrity      ● Servant leadership     ● Authenticity            ● Faith    ● Accountability ● Altruism