Batangas Province Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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C-159 Poblacion
San Pascual

About Us

1. To actively promote and uphold the economic interests of Batangas Province, Philippines; promote and ecourage business and industrial investment, thus broaden the tax base and provide more opportunity for local employment 2. To serve as spokesman of business and community life to the government; to represent the community's self-image and serve as watchdog - protecting business interests in the political arena. 3. To provide professional advice, services, assistance and information to the business community; foster closer relations, understanding and cooperation among the different sectors of the local economy by unifying them into a strong and solid organization for the better enhancement of economic growth and development of the community. 4. To support the agri-business sector, for the food-on-the-table program; develop and train micro, small and medium business entrepreneurs. 5. To strive to strike a balance between rapid industrialization growth, Port development and conservation of the diversity of natural resources of Batangas Province (Taal Lake and Taal Volcano and Dive Sites and Beaches)