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About Us


We Care Now a relief, development organization working to overcome poverty and injustice around the world with detailed focus on Florida and the Caribbean


Our mission is to provide effective ways to help the less fortunate families in the world, but more importantly, our main focus is on families right around us, in Florida and The Caribbean and on to the world.

Company Overview

We Care Now.Org is a non-profit organization founded on the principle of helping those in need.


We Care Now.Org provides comprehensive services in a variety of situations. It is our goal to provide quality service and help during time of need, we have several programs, that we have implemented, to include but not limited. *Please note that these programs are not put in place to replace any existing programs, but to reach those that due to unforeseen circumstances that has somehow slip through ... the cracks

  • Disaster Relief-- We Care Now.Org will swoop in during a disaster and help families and victims with whatever needs to be done. This includes helping families Repair their homes with much needed supplies, Such as Plywood, Nails, Felt, Sheet rock, Tarps, Water, and assist with finding shelter, Please understand this program is not put in place to replace any existing programs, but to help that few, due to circumstances was not help through conventional means.
  • Back To School Annual Fair-- We Care Now.Org is excited about our back to school program, it is put in place, to give the less fortunate kids an opportunity to look their best on their first day back to school, everyone is focus and books and back packs, but it is our belief, that while these items are important, if a child cannot think or focus on their school work due to not having, something as simple as a hair cut then books and pencil are not important to that child because their mind is not in it. so Our Back to school program is design to help with their self confidence, and with that, they can accomplish everything their little heart's desire.
  • Blood Donation-- We Care Now.Org is serious about changing lives, we are the "middle man" between those who willingly donate blood and between hospitals and other places that need blood products.
  • Christmas Project-- Code name, ("Saint JC" Jesus Christ) We Care Now.Org wants to share love during Christmas, by collecting toys, and handing them out on December 23rd every year ( Time and place to be determined) but in every case, it will be in the areas most needed.
  • Mentoring Program-- We Care Now.Org is dedicated to a better and safer community and understand the importance of training a child while he/she is young, we understand that there are single parents out there without that support of a male presence and likewise there are little girls, that need that guidance and push from a woman, well we are dedicated to one of the overlooked problems of society, Our goal here is to spend some quality time with the child and try to stare the child down the right path, allowing that child to see things he/she otherwise may not get to see and perhaps change their whole outlook on life. So our program is put in place to help mold these in many cases less fortunate children, by pairing them up with responsible adults, willing to take the time and give a helping hand. After a reference check and a police background check of course.
  • International Disaster Relief-- We Care Now.Org provide relief to disasters and other humanitarian crises throughout the world. However our mean focus currently is the Bahamas.