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About Us


Our vision – to assist students and job seekers with disabilities in school and work. To start and successfully maintain a mission named (VEEBO) to help veterans attend and complete school, participate in job training and obtain gainful employment.

Our mission – to use community resources, vocational services, rehabilitation medicine practices, assistive technology and social media to help job seekers.

Our values – treat members with respect, dignity and hope for the future by providing practical solutions and services.

Who we are – vocational counselors, employers, higher education coordinators, business professionals and computer specialists.

How we are funded – so far, we are not funded by any private, community or government entity. Many of our services are donated by NYCEDA staff, professionals in the community and by volunteers. NYCEDA is in the process of seeking government grants, private gifts, corporate sponsorship, state vendorship and federal veteran contracts to assist and complete our mission: Employment of job seekers with disabilities and returning Veterans of Iraq and Afganistan. (the community based side of NYC Expert Disability Associates, LLC) offers workshops, trainings, web based services, and resources for disabled students, job seekers, veterans and counselors.


New York City Expert Disability Associates, LLC are a group of highly experienced rehabilitation professional offering a number of specialized services for persons with disabilities in the areas of school and work. Visit our website to learn about vocational evaluation, job training, internships, career and placement services for disabled job seekers. Consultation services such as program development, grant management and employer partnerships are available for vocational programs. Employers, educators, diversity officers and legal professionals will also benefit from our consultation services.

NYCEDA's "Veteran Employment Effects Based Operation" also known as: "VEEBO"

Using social media as the matchmaker, NYCEDA plans to implement a Veteran employment "Effects Based Operation" otherwise known as EBO to assist veterans seeking jobs and employers wanting to hire a veteran.

EBO An Effects Based Operation (EBO) - a term coined by the US Air Force, seeks to understand the causal linkages between events, actions and results. For example, the effect of feeding a hungry child could be accomplished by handing the child a meal, directing the child or guardian to a soup kitchen or by providing the guardian a job as a means to earn sufficient ongoing income to afford daily meals for themselves and their children. NYCEDA plans to use EBO concepts such as combining military (Veterans Affairs agency services) and non-military methods (job placement community program services) with computer technology (social media) to achieve a particular effect: "Veteran Employment Using Social Media Networking".

NYCEDA believes that our veterans are vital to our national economic force and should have a swift and direct route to employment to ensure that their expertise and training can be utilized in the best possible manner for our nation - without a great deal of time lost, cost and effort expended.

NYCEDA Idealist Volunteers

With the help of volunteers in my community organizing through Idealist, VEEBO will obtain the necessary help and resources (already existing in the community) to help it succeed in it's mission to assist Veterans.