Pinyin Sustainable Farming System (PISUFAS)

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About Us

Pinyin Sustainable Farming System (PISUFAS) project build, create, transform and sustain processes that produce an environmentally healthy, just and peaceful communities where everyone lives to his/her full potentials, live a life of sharing of resources and abilities for the socio-economic and cultural common good and growth of all. Join-ventures and partnership development for general and specific projects, products, services, etc, that guaranteed income, sustainability and development.

create and promote initiatives that alleviates poverty and creates food security within the rural communities of Pinyin - Cameroon.


  • Create productive, sustainable agricultural projects
  • Encourage the integration of animal, vegetable and crop production to achieve optimum outputs and incomes for poor farmers
  • Build the capacity of beneficiaries to organize themselves into producers’ cooperative and also to coordinate their efforts and bargaining power to their advantage, the prices for their products to raise and improve on their incomes and livelihood
  • Promote dialogue amongst stakeholders within the production and trade chains