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About Us

InnerDC is a non-profit organization that wants to help provide children with an opportunity to enrich their minds and challenge themselves through excellent publicly funded music programs. Rather than fight the budget cut issue, InnerDC instead wants to help alleviate it by raising public awareness, providing loaner instruments to schools, and offsetting costs for uniform cleaning and equipment restoration. What sets InnerDC apart from many other similar non-profit organizations is that our fund raising events include the nightlife music industry. Although we love to plan traditional methods of fund raising, we believe our biggest supporters are the the musicians who perform at night and the fans that support them . By organizing our own live music events, we are able to spread our cause and raise funding on a massive scale.

InnerDC was not always philanthropic. Originally created in 2003, Peter Vu created InnerDC to bring together friends to quietly protest the Rave Act 0f 2002. Through supporting struggling music events as well as hosting them in the metropolitan D.C. area, InnerDC quickly gained popularity reaching people outside of Washington D.C.

Today, InnerDC is now a charitable non-profit aspiring to level the playing field, giving underprivileged children the opportunity to learn music in public schools hit hard by budget cuts.