• Mbale

About Us

S.A.F.E Children Foundation is a young and growing Nonprofit engaging in community projects

aiming to Teach, Empower, Develop & give Psycho social and material support

to the Underprivileged and Vulnerable children in Mbale, Eastern Uganda

Our primary focus is to lift up the face of safe, active & fully empowered children in schools, homes & community. We engage in various activities which include teaching, providing psycho social and material support to underprivileged children, Games and sports, Music and dance projects, Sponsoring/supporting orphans to stay in school, Addressing the concerns of the causes and effects of early marriage and HIV Aids among others.

By giving the orphaned, vulnerable or underprivileged children a better life, helping them to stay in school and empowering them with various skills. We can make a great impact on the society.

OUR VISION: A changed, peaceful, vibrant, self-reliant & well informed community with Safe, Active & fully Empowered children.

OUR MISSION: To provide a robust support system to enable children from vulnerable and marginalized communities to attain their full potential in life.

Whether you have an applicable skill in any field or you simply want to contribute to aid initiatives in Africa, we openly welcome you. You can help with as many projects and for as long as you wish.