Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance

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625 Washington Blvd
United States

About Us

Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance (DBFA) is an independent, non-profit alliance dedicated to connecting communities and empowering families throughout Baltimore city. 

We partner with local public and private sector leaders to advocate for quality educational resources, community safety, sustainable transit and public green spaces, empowering Baltimore families to thrive.

Through family-friendly informative events and social gatherings, DBFA fosters supportive networks of parents committed to city living.

DBFA believes that city families are vital to the growth, development, and success of Baltimore. Families create strong, stable neighborhoods and are correlated with reduced crime, increased property values (and an increased tax base), and greater business opportunities. As couples begin to have children, it is important for them to view Baltimore City and the neighborhoods where many already live as family-friendly places to raise their children. DBFA works not only to ensure that these families are aware of the opportunities and resources available to them, but also to mitigate the factors (both real and perceived) that prompt some families to leave the neighborhoods and the lifestyle they enjoy and support. As resident families invest their time and resources in their homes, their schools, and the community, Baltimore City accelerates its progress as a place for individuals, families, and businesses to prosper.