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About Us

Kidney & Urology Foundation of America is dedicated to helping millions of Americans -- young and old -- avoid the debilitating effects of kidney, urinary, and related diseases and to fostering groundbreaking research that will result in new and more desirable treatments.

We will achieve our mission by identifying and supporting the best and brightest scientists in the fields of nephrology and urology; and by disseminating the results of their innovative research into the everyday lives of people. Further, we will work to alleviate the suffering and stigma associated with kidney and urologic diseases through research, education, and advocacy to concerned citizens.

Through our research funding, conferences, and sponsorship of interdisciplinary and multi-hospital initiatives, we will provide the leadership necessary to promote better understanding, prevention, and treatment of kidney and urological diseases.

We will bring together organizations and experts in the fields of Nephrology and Urology, and work cooperatively with Academic, not-for-profit, and industry partners who share our mission.

We are resolved to make research and resources accessible to patients and their families as well as caregivers, and will measure our success by our ability to respond meaningfully and personally to the public.