DREAM Project Foundation

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About Us

DREAM Project Foundation is a small American registered non-profit organization made up of skilled and passionate people all devoted to one cause...making the DREAM of freedom a reality.

​DREAM Project Foundation was officially founded in 2011 to support our orphanage and children's home, DREAM House, based in Thailand on the border of Myanmar (Burma). Currently housing over 30 children, DREAM House provides shelter, food, education and much-needed love. These children have all experienced things in their short lives that Westerners will hopefully never have to live through.

We aim to break the cycle of human trafficking through our 5 maxims:

  • Develop communities and individuals, improving living standards
  • Respect the societies in which we work, and create a cultural exchange
  • Educate these communities, and individuals to be responsible citizens
  • Aid those who are in need, and provide opportunities
  • Maintain our projects and empower communities to control their own futures