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About Us

About Lane Hunter>dance It’s a Greater Than world, after all. That’s credo that we live by. By means of live performances and community workshops, we encourage personal reflection and growth while also stimulating public appetite for movement-based art.

Mission Lane Hunter Dance uses movement-based art to help people better recognize and celebrate their authentic selves, inspiring them through a rich array of sensory experiences, including visual design, dance, movement and the performance arts.

The Plan It’s one thing to have a unique creative vision. It’s quite another to express it while giving sober attention to the realities of business. In this realm, Lane Hunter Dance excels. With performances dating back to to 2008, Lane Hunter Dance has now decided to establish itself in the arts community as a non-profit business. The organization is seeking 501(c)3 status and currently operates as a non-profit under the aegis of Coho Productions. Its well-rounded board of directors pulled from leadership positions in the business and arts community positions it firmly for sustained growth and fiscal responsibility as the company seeks to enchant and inspire audiences locally and abroad. Tax-deductible donations and sponsorships opportunities are welcome and gratefully appreciated.

What we do Labels, like rules, are meant to be broken. That’s where we come in, skewering preconceived notions of dance, film and perception all within one evening. Combining film footage with live movement, we create evocative imagery that helps people get reacquainted with the language of dance, pushing individuals toward greater awareness of self to live a Greater Than life.