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About Us

Walk With Sally is dedicated to helping children successfully cope with the emotional trauma of a parent's or sibling's cancer – one child at a time, one heart at a time.


Walk With Sally is dedicated to providing free mentoring support programs and services to children whose parents, guardians or siblings who have cancer or succumbed to cancer.

Through our mentoring program, Walk With Sally creates meaningful relationships or “friendships” between children and adults who share the unique experience of living with or losing a loved one to Cancer.

Here are some facts about the mentoring program:

1. We match a child (ages 7-17) impacted by cancer with a mentor (18 and older) who also has a

cancer story. It is extremely important for us and for our friendships to have this common shared

cancer experience because it allows for a deeper connection.

2. The mentoring program is a yearlong commitment with the mentor committing to meeting with the child for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours a month. These hours can be broken up to fit both the mentor’s schedule as well as the family’s schedule.

3. What kind of activities are a mentor expected to do with the child? Bike rides, going to the park,

going to the beach, museums, exploring a new city, playing a sport. (The whole point is to take the

child outside of the emotional environment happening in their home. Giving them the opportunity

to go out and be a kid!)

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Email info@walkwithsally.org if you have questions or would like to learn more!