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About Us

Since our 1984 founding as the county’s community media center and region's largest public access station, our aim remains to "inform, connect and educate" the 1+ million residents of Montgomery County.

Our mission is to encourage and sponsor “first-voice “multimedia content that meets community needs, engages our communities, and offers forums for free expression on both broadcast and broadband platforms.

Our vision is to educate and empower county residents by providing a means to creatively engage and more effectively connect them through our multimedia platforms.

We serve the community through content distribution, educational training, economic development, nonprofit partnerships and collaborations, and production services.

Towards the fulfillment of those goals by innovative and informative means, we foster and sustain programming and offerings that both reflect and promote the culturally and socioeconomically inclusive communities that comprise the mosaic that is us.

Our multimedia content is community-centric and overwhelmingly volunteer produced. We broadcast to nearly 873,000 viewers in over 351,000 cable TV households. Our broadband platform,, annually serves over 860,000 web visitors. 

Our nearly 700 active volunteers annually complete 600+ projects, engage the humanities through weekly blogs and daily tweets, and provide over 14,000 hours of on-air content. Our volunteers and presenters contribute 120 program series each quarter in nearly a dozen languages, including: "Backpack Beat," "Musica Y Algo Mas," "Selam Ethiopia," "Traveltelevision,” “Igreja Batista Brasileira,” “Revista Semanal Montgomery,” and the "Punjabi Community Hour."

Our volunteer bloggers include interests in psychology, the culinary arts interior design, public policy, creative writing, etc. Our community-based multimedia participators engage us through, @myMCMedia on Twitter and,,,,,, and Constant Contact. 

We hold the 2014 1st Place for “Use of Social Media” award from the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA). named us as one of 2012's top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles! NATOA awarded us the 2014 1st Place for Event/Program Promotion for our “My Favorite Teacher” PSA. We hold both the 2012 and 2013 "Overall Excellence" national awards from Alliance for Community Media.

We annually teach 1,000 students in 80 class types and issue nearly 30 certification types.

We publish electronic newsletters to 33,000+ readers.  On Facebook we have 12,000+ Friends. On YouTube we have exceeded 523,000+ video views.